Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The "Rainbow City"

We have only been here for a few short days and already I am learning so much about the African culture. The people here seem so friendly, open and honest. They are more than eager to discuss matters such as politics and cultural differences. At one of our many coffee shops visits(the coffee here is AMAZING), a colleague and I asked the barista why she thought people were so much more friendly and willing to discuss such matters. Her coworker enthusiastically stepped in to answer our question by saying that he thinks there is more racism in America than in Africa. I found his comment very interesting and wanted to know more about what she based her perception on. We asked her to think about it and we would check back with her tomorrow. It really surprised me that a native would think the idea of racism is less in a country that has only been free from Apartheid since the 1990's. Especially with all that is going on in America at the present time, and since we have not had legal segregation for decades. They were adamant and genuinely happy to say that they are the "Rainbow City" and how now blacks and whites are all mixed together.

I cannot wait to learn more. :)

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